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Climb & Flow Workshop

Saturday, 21st March 2020

The Climbing Hangar Liverpool

with Kim Hartwell (Rock & Soul Adventures)

and Ian Dunn (Coaching Climbing)

Rock & Soul are SUPER excited to announce our first educational workshop for climbers in partnership with The Climbing Hangar. Ian Dunn (climbing coaching expert and current GB team coach) and our very own Kim Hartwell (personal trainer, movement coach and yoga teacher) will show you techniques and skills to enable you to climb, move and flow better on the wall.

We will be hosting our first workshop “Climb & Flow” at The Climbing Hangar Liverpool Saturday 21st March 9am-5pm. A full day of practical instruction to help you improve your climbing by developing your body awareness and honing your technique.


The course will cover climbing technique, mobility and flexibility training specific for climbers. We will also explore how yoga can aid you with you achieving your climbers flow, as well techniques to help you improve your movement on and off the wall.

Video Analysis and feedback included!

Aimed at all ages and abilities.


9.00 Arrive
9-10.00 Warm Up – The importance of warming up to perform your best
Group A Precise and Accurate Footwork
Group B Shoulders and Upper Body Flexibility and Mobility
Group A Shoulders and Upper Body Flexibility and Mobility
Group B Precise and Accurate Footwork
12-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.30 Warm Up
Group A Route Reading and Video Analysis Climbing
Group B Lower Body Flexibility and Mobility and specific exercises to improve your climbing
15.00 – 16.30
Group A Lower Body Flexibility and Mobility and specific exercises to improve your climbing
Group B RouteReading and Video Analysis Climbing
16.30 – 17.00 Cool Down
17.00 Finish

Kim Hartwell

Personal Trainer, Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher and Climber who runs climbing and yoga retreats across the world (Rock & Soul Adventures). Kim will teach you how to find your flow on and off the wall using mobility, flexibility and mindfulness.

Ian Dunn

GB Climbing Team Coach and provider of many Coaching Workshops for The BMC and Mountain Training. Over 45 years climbing experience and passionate about improving technique and movement.



Photo by: Alice Rosso

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