Who We Are & What We Do

We are Rock & Soul Adventures and we run adventure retreats across the globe to inspire people to do epic activities in nature. Each of our retreats have our core foundations Rock Climbing (Rock) and Yoga (Soul) as a key element of the trip. That being said, we’re a sucker for adventure in nature, so we like to also get involved in other activities our locations have to offer. In our Devon retreat it would have been rude not to trail run and surf, so that’s exactly what we did in addition to climbing and yoga (obviously!). Here’s the fun we got up to on our last retreat!

Team Rock & Soul Adventures

We’re one big adventure family here at Rock & Soul, so the minute you’re on retreat with us we’ll welcome you into the pack. Our founding family members?…

Kim Warwick – Bringing the Soul


We all have an absolute intrinsic passion for being outdoors and adventuring in nature. What really gets us going? Climbing incredible rock faces, in epic scenery. What’s better than that we hear you ask? How about some yoga there whilst we’re at it?! Dreamy right!? Kim is our co-founder and chief yogi on retreat with a passion for getting you having a good time, climbing and flowing in nature.

Kim Hartwell is an experienced personal trainer who has coached in Londons finest studios. She currently teaches both Movement, HIIT and Yoga classes at Psycle, Move Studios and Core Collective and previously taught at Equinox.

Kim studied to be a personal trainer whilst she lived in New York. She is qualified by NASM-CPT  (Certified Personal Trainer Level 3) and as a NASM-CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist Level 4). She has also studied with Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) which she implements into most of her training protocols. She also holds a Level 1 TRX certification. Kim constantly creates educational content around her learnings through her newsletter to her mailing list, her blog and social media channels (Instagram and YouTube). Kim is also a Lululemon ambassador but also works with some other of her favourite brands like VivoBarefoot, LaSportiva, The North Face and Roxy.

Robin O’Leary – King of the Rocks


Robin is our master of the rocks! Robin is the Head Coach for the Tri-Services (Army, RAF and Navy) climbing teams and is training them alongside some of the biggest names in British climbing for the 2016/17 season. On top of this, Robin is also the manager and coach for the GB Paraclimbing Team. Having travelled to Italy and Autria so far, the team have come back with a number of podium places.

He has a wealth of experience with hands on coaching, but spends a lot of time working on bespoke coaching programmes enabling anyone to seek his experience and climb through the grades.

When climbing, Robin loves pushing his personal limits – seeking his weaknesses and improving upon them so that he can achieve his latest project(s). But that sense of achievement is also transferred into the realms of coaching for him. Helping others see and achieve their goals is equally rewarding and one of the reasons he got into the industry.

David Warwick – Chief organiser & Hands on Man

Rock and Soul

Dave is our hands on man and happy vibe bringer. He is the glue that holds the Rock & Soul retreats together. Whether scurrying up the rocks or racing around organising logistics for our guests, he’s your go to guy on the retreat. Not only is Dave an avid climber, he is probably one of the friendly guys we know. You can count on him for hands on belaying, banter and good time vibes.


Brands We Proudly Work With

The North Face

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