What people say about us

“The weekend was hugely, immensely mega. Like life changing, amazingness positive vibes and I am 1000% in for the next one!! Was literally on a high for 2 weeks after – now THAT is happiness!! All in all it was an amazing experience. I loved every moment, and am SO glad I came, and I would highly recommend it 100 times over to any friends thinking about booking on your next one.”

Belinda Burwell. Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018


“The retreat was one of the best weekends of my life, beyond epic and has added so much fuel to the rock climbing fire.”

Harriet Cooper, Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018

“This was my first time climbing outdoors and I enjoyed every second! The fact that you (Kim), Robin and David were all so professional and experienced really made me feel secure and safe which is the thing I was worried about the most. Thank you for making it so easy, comfortable and fun for all of us. I will certainly remember the positive energy and continuous fun and laughter of those days. I’ve spent the last week talking to everyone I met about the amazing time I had and I so much look forward to another Rock & Soul adventure!”
Maria Fares Tai, Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018

“Weekend of firsts for me; first retreat, first yoga session, first time surfing, first time rock climbing. I must say I loved every minute and wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll definitely be back again.”

Chris Griffiths, Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018

“Thank you for making the retreat happen, one of the best weekends I’ve ever had.”

Monty Simmonds, Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018


“I genuinely had a 10/10 weekend, I think you guys smashed it, all three of you are such warm, enthusiastic and talented people. The squad who chose to join you on your retreat also are bloody marvelous. Loved spending time with every single one of you guys and can’t wait for more!”

Debbie Burwell, Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018


“Words can’t describe how good this weekend was. Best adventure ever! I am so signing up for the next one. Had an incredible time!”

Ania Oszejko, Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018


“It was a fantastic weekend, got me hooked on the rocks 😉 and it was such an incredible group!”

Maja Mazur, , Rock & Soul Devon Retreat, Sept 2018


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